Status of Bugs/Suggestions

Option to run a script or lisp on the drawingsOngoing
Scan while opening drawing not working without running purge for one timeOngoing
Create a log of Purge results after each drawingOngoing
Multiline Attributes location changingOngoing
Batch Purge crash randomlyOngoingVersion 8
Option to enable/disable backupSolvedVersion 8.1
Sort the Columns in Batch Purge windowSolvedVersion 6
Error after changing acad profileSolvedVersion 8
Separate settings for Batch & Drawing PurgeSolvedVersion 6
Show only the selected items results after purgingSolvedVersion 6
Option to ignore INDEXCTL warningSolvedVersion 8.1
Thumbnail/Preview missing after Batch PurgeSolvedVersion 6
Backup files before purgingSolvedVersion 8
Option to zoom to model/paper spaceSolvedVersion 8
Option to change LanguageSolvedVersion 7
Error While using Batch PurgeSolvedVersion 7
Get the Xrefs list for Batch PurgeSolvedVersion 6
Different icons for CommandsSolvedVersion 7
Export Results to TAB delimitedSolvedVersion 6
Ignoring uppercase *.DWG extension while selecting a folderSolvedVersion 6
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